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“Quality Assurance”, these are words to live by at Casa Crystal. We understand the struggles our industry faces and strive to be part of the solution. Our strategies are constantly evolving to ensure our vines are healthy, reliable, and true to type.

Every cyon in the nursery is tested annually and maintained within a robust layered pest management program. Our agronomist is complemented by a team of outside experts including a virologist and an entomologist.

We stand by our vines and our growers.

Casa Crystal, we are here to help you grow!.

Our family has deep roots in the California grape industry. We understand the importance of a reliable supply of healthy, true to type vines. At Casa Crystal, quality is not a goal; it’s a commitment!

We have custom-designed an integrated system of quality control measures to monitor and track your vines from the moment you order them to the day they are delivered.

Exception Vines, competitive pricing. Casa Crystal, We Are Here To Help You Grow.

Our industry faces raising headwinds, at Casa Crystal we are taking the long view and engaging innovative solutions to continue providing quality vines at competitive pricing.

We are making the switch to mechanical disbudding using specialty retrofitted unites that get great results in a single pass. Water tunnels clean and disinfect root stock prior to grafting, which limits contamination from bacterial and fungal pathogens. All of our potted take a ride down the shipping line for a bottom soak and trim before transport, guaranteeing a uniform product at deliver.

We continue to expand our infrastructure and explore new technologies because every penny we invest supports our success and yours.

Casa Crystal, we are here to help you grow!

Innovation, it’s key to our philosophy at Casa Crystal.

This year we bring you ellepot. They are root, air, and water permeable, and fully degradable. Ellepots go straight into the ground lowering labor costs for you and reducing the risk of damage to the vines. Because minimal root disruption means less transplant shock. Savings for you and the strongest start for your vines.

Casa Crystal, we are here to help you grow!

Our family has been growing grapes and making wine in California for three generations.

We know what it takes to create a thriving vineyard from the ground up. At Casa Crystal Nursery we are not just producing excellent vines we are building lasting partnerships. A wide selection of vines and innovative planning services are available for the upcoming season. Give us a call, let’s start the conversation.

Casa Crystal, we are here to help you grow!

There’s something so inspiring about a brand new vineyard.

But even the healthiest vines are vulnerable to pests like Vine Mealybug a known vector of grape leafroll viruses. We advise growers to put a comprehensive, layered pest management strategy in place before planting. Discuss options with your PCA ahead of time and set yourself and your new vines up for success. If you have any questions or need recommendations give us a call.

Casa Crystal, we are here to help you grow!