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Building Long Lasting Relationships.

Excellent, long-term relationships with growers are the foundation of our business. Quality, reliability, communication, and trust are the cornerstones. When you choose Casa Cristal, you’re not just getting the best selection of competitively priced quality vines available, it’s the start of a beautiful partnership.

Rooted in relationship.

When we tell you we’ll be in touch, we mean it. Because we’re not just selling grapevines, we’re building long-term relationships.

“Producing excellent vines… building lasting partnerships.”

Customizable services and clear communication.


Custom soil mapping creates a roadmap for planting by illustrating soil variances within a vineyard. A custom soil map is a powerful tool that allows amendments to be applied exactly where they’re needed, guides the design of irrigation systems to meet specific variables, and offers insight into the best choice of rootstocks. We’ve had great success using this tech in our vineyards, and our growers have, too. We’d love to discuss its potential for you.


Prior to shipment, growers receive a short video detailing our best practice recommendations for the transfer and establishment of their new vines. Questions or concerns? Give us a ring. We’re just a phone call away.

Post Planting

Transitioning vines from our care to yours is a critical step toward their success. There will generally be someone from the nursery on site at delivery to assist, and we’ll conduct periodic visits post-planting as well. In remote areas, we often install temperature and humidity monitors, checking them regularly to ensure the successful establishment of your new vines.


From the initiation of your order through planting and beyond, we will be in regular contact, letting you know when your vines have been grafted or planted, when we are preparing your shipment, and when your delivery will arrive. We’ll be in touch afterward, too, making sure your new plantings are thriving. Because communication is key to any successful relationship, and that’s what we’re really here to grow.