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Commitment You Can Count On. Quality You Can Trust.

Quality assurance is not a catch phrase for us; it’s the root of our business. We’ve created a layered system of accountability to ensure the healthy, true-to-type vines our growers expect.

Exceptional vines, competitive pricing.

Quality assurance isn’t our goal. It’s our promise, and we deliver. When you choose Casa Cristal, you’re getting the highest quality rootstock and grapevines on the market.

“Quality Assurance”, these are words to live by at Casa Cristal.

We stand by our vines and our growers.

Delivering healthy, reliable, and true-to-type grapevines is our top priority. Our robust, layered quality assurance program is customed designed to monitor your vines at every stage. Here’s how it works:

Quality Assurance: Phase I

Pest Management

Strict adherence to a robust, layered pest management program.

Our in-house agronomist, a licensed PCA, is complemented with an industry-leading consultant to evaluate & continually evolve our pest management program.

Adherence to CDFA vine mealybug trapping & hot water dipping program.

Quality Assurance: Phase II


All source material is on a raised trellis to minimize soil-borne bacterial & fungal pathogens.

A fungal management program is maintained throughout the growing season & post dormancy.

Cuttings are sanitized prior to cold storage & grafting.

Quality Assurance: Phase III


A world-renowned virologist helped develop our program & continues to consult.

All scion are tested annually for Leaf Roll 3 & Red Blotch.

We exceed CDFA testing requirements by conducting routine, annual PCR testing of all source material.

Quality Assurance: Phase IV

Trueness to Type

Source blocks undergo a mid-season inspection to confirm trueness to type.

Production process is built around standard operating procedures & enforcement.

Production model requires approval from two supervisors for variety changes & shipment.

Quality Assurance: Phase V

Vineyard Establishment

Prior to shipment, a video is shared with clients to ensure planting expectations align with planting practices.

CCN reps work with growers pre- and post-planting to assist with vine transition.

Our reps use field monitors to track temperature & soil moisture to help get vineyards off to a strong, successful start.

Quality Assurance: Phase VI


Daily production meetings & constant communication.

Manager trainings to ensure uniform company messaging & consistent client experience.

Ongoing employee training & enrichment programs.

Quality Assurance: Phase VII

Outreach and Education

We’re actively engaged in the industry, staying abreast of evolving scientific & technological advancements.

We know our boundaries & rely on a network of researchers to assist when the need arises.

Active participants in National Clean Plant Work, California Table Grape Commission, California Grape Rootstock Commission, Foundation Plant Services, & various growers associations statewide.