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Investing In Innovation

Our industry faces rising headwinds, but California’s growers and vintners are resilient. Here at the nursery, we’re taking the long view. We’re engaging innovative solutions, expanding our infrastructure, and investing in new technologies that will boost your bottom line, because when you’re successful? We are, too.

Innovative solutions,
quality vines.

Innovation + Determination + Commitment = Success. We’ve been testing this equation for over thirty years and it checks out every time.

“We continue to expand our infrastructure and explore new technologies because every penny we invest supports our success and yours.”

How We Innovate.

Elle Pots

Elle Pots are root, air, and water permeable, and fully degradable. They go straight into the ground, lowering labor costs and reducing the risk of damage to your vines, because minimal root disruption means less transplant shock. Savings for you, and a stronger start for your vines. That’s why all our vines are in Elle Pots.

Mechanical Disbudding

We’re making the switch to mechanical disbudding, using specially retrofitted units that get great results in a single pass.

Water Tunnels

Water tunnels clean and disinfect rootstock prior to grafting; this limits contamination risk from bacterial and fungal pathogens.

Dormant Nursery Planters

Our Dormant Nursery Planter was engineered to boost productivity, improve ergonomics, and reduce labor costs, so savings can be passed on to you.

Sub-irrigation Line and Trimmer

Consistently delivering high-quality, healthy vines is a cornerstone of our business. All potted vines take a ride down the shipping line for a bottom soak and trim before transport, guaranteeing a uniform product at delivery.

Remote Access Field Monitors

Transitioning vines from our production team to yours is a critical step. Irrigation management is crucial to getting your vineyard off to a strong start. Remote access field monitors measure and track soil moisture, allowing us to offer assessments.